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Phyllis Chen: Miniature music

Catch video of my music boxes built for Phyllis Chen in this news segment.

MV Times
"The Yard sheds city lights on our neck of the woods" by Holly Nadler

"performed by tall, thin, elegant dancers Thomas Cruz, Emma Judkins, and Jordan Morley"

Los Angeles Times
Review of "Watershed"by Abraham In Motion at Royce Hall
"brief character vignettes... provided opportunities for exemplary soloists such as William Briscoe, Connie Shiau and Jordan Morley."

The New York Times
'Move Over, Schroeder. Make Room for Tiny Dancers' by Corinna da Fonseca-Wollheim
"There were no dancers in tutus on Wednesday evening, though, when the pianist, composer and multi-instrumentalist Phyllis Chen presented the world premiere of “Lighting the Dark,”
a work for music boxes, clavichord, toy pianos, accordion and electronics at the Baryshnikov Arts Center, which had commissioned the work. Her handmade music boxes did contain spinning
figurines. But though these dolls, built by the dancer and puppeteer Jordan Morley, were small, they were also unapologetically sturdy. Dressed in brightly hued fabrics from folk traditions
around the world, they represented women as mothers, farmers and teachers."

The New York Times
'Sleep No More,' but Move Nonstop' by Gia Kourlas.

"Jordan Morley, portrays the slippery, malevolent Boy Witch.The cast...is largely made up of some of the most fearless dancers around."

An Unknown Quantity
#282 Jordan Morley on Mercer St. by Wataru Bob Shimosato

Stopped for a street style fashion blog

The Dance Enthusiast
IMPRESSIONS OF JORDAN MORLEY DANCE IN "NOWHERE" by Gorgas for The Dance Enthusiast 2011

"Jordan Morley prefaced Nowhere, a self-produced showing of his newest work...proceeded to turn out one of the most deftly crafted and well-considered works I have seen in a while.
What is left is the vivid sense that a terrible tragedy has occurred and, not knowing the particulars, all there is left to ruminate over is the detritus of a crime scene. Mr. Morley's aesthetic
throughout is stark and violent; a helter skelter melee where gravity is defied as a matter of course, and eerie, askew angles are interspersed with clear gasps of beauty."

Review of Ron De Jesus Dance at Joyce Soho by Joel Benjamin

"This highly charged theatrical, in your face, quality dominated Mr. De Jesus' choreography and made for a terrific evening of powerhouse—and powerful—work...The dancing of Jordan
Morley whose youthfully slender, undulating frame best illustrated Mr. De Jesus' intentions was a focal point of "Liquid.""

Oberon's Grove
Review of Ron De Jesus Dance at Joyce Soho

"Another very effective dancer all evening was the ultra-slender Jordan Morley."